Book Review: The Things We Do to Our Friends by Heather Darwent

Dark and clever, this book will leave you feeling creeped out…👀 Heather Darwent is an author based just outside of Edinburgh near the sea. Her debut novel, The Things We Do to Our Friends, will be published by Penguin in January 2023. Since I was born and grew up in Edinburgh, this story personally appealed … Continue reading “Book Review: The Things We Do to Our Friends by Heather Darwent”

Book Review: The Call of Cassandra Rose by Sophia Spiers

Slow burn with a twisted ending! A Londoner of proud Italian and Greek heritage, Sophia Spiers grew up on the Lisson Green Council Estate, which informed the depiction of her protagonist’s childhood. She studied Film at university, and in her twenties and early thirties worked in TV and post-production before turning her attention to her … Continue reading “Book Review: The Call of Cassandra Rose by Sophia Spiers”

Book Review: All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers

Suspenseful, twisted, and incredibly dark. Ashley is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of audiochuck, the award-winning, independent media and podcast production company known for its standout content and storytelling across different genres, including true crime, fiction, comedy, and more. As CEO, she works with her team to create an overarching content strategy and vision … Continue reading “Book Review: All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers”

Book Review: Deep Water by Emma Bamford

Slow-burning suspense, and a cautionary tale of trouble in paradise. Emma Bamford is an author and journalist who has worked for The Independent, the Daily Express, the Daily Mirror, Sailing Today, and Boat International. She spent several years sailing among some of the world’s most beautiful islands and wrote two travel memoirs about her experiences, Casting Off and Untie the Lines. A graduate of the … Continue reading “Book Review: Deep Water by Emma Bamford”

Book Review: NSFW: a novel by Isabel Kaplan

Gut-wrenching, clever, and undeniably 😉 honest. Isabel Kaplan graduated from Harvard and holds an MFA in creative writing from NYU. She is the author of the national bestselling young adult novel Hancock Park and a co-founder of Project 100, an organization launched after the 2016 election to support progressive women running for Congress. She previously … Continue reading “Book Review: NSFW: a novel by Isabel Kaplan”


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